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Prom dresses from Sherry London

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It depends on the country whether they are celebrating prom or not but I think there is an event everywhere during high school, college or university that gives you the opportunity to dress up to the nines.
A prom – celebrated mostly in the United States – is a very special moment and to make this moment even more special, you have a wide range of dresses you can choose from. There are different styles, different colours and lengths but the most important is that you need to feel good in it.

All these prom dresses below are from Sherry London, a global online retailer which is located in China and was founded in 2007. They are specialized in evening-, wedding-, prom- and special occasion dresses. They categorised their items so you can shop by style, colour, fit and silhouette, you can choose for example vintage or short prom dresses, which makes it easier for you to find the perfect dress and to „become the queen of the ball at every party”.

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 Karl Lagerfeld once said that you can never go wrong with a little black dress and exactly therefore black prom dresses have definitely a place in my selection of favourites. I chose two, a mini and a maxi. The mini dress (2.) is strapless and has a beautiful sweetheart neckline. It is a combination of a chiffon skirt and a top that is decorated with beads and jewel stones. The long dress (1.) has spaghetti straps and lace details make it unique.
The next one (3.) is a classic, knee-length, black-and-white strapless dress with a nice A-line silhouette.
A champagne coloured long dress (4.) is also a good choice. This one has a lovely A-line, shoulder straps and beaded embellishments make it complete. The outfit that makes you look like a celebrity at the Oscars.
A chic two piece prom dress (5.) should be contanied in my selection too because ensembles are still on trend. I chose a gorgeous floor-length one with cap sleeves. The top is decorated with beads and jewels.
Last but not least a stunning floor-length sleeveless gown with sweetheart neckline which can’t be missed from a list of prom dresses (6.). In this you are definitely in the centre of the event, it is like you just came out from a Disney movie.

Which style do you prefer? Would you choose a mini, midi or maxi dress? Which was the last time you did wear a special occasion dress? As always feel free to leave comment below.

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