Monday, 1 October 2018

A dreamy haul

✯ Hello Shiny Stars! ✯ 

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"You are a sky full of stars." 

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Do you remember my article about galaxy printed wish list? If you like stars and star prints, I encourage you to check it out. The post, "Come with me to gaze at the stars" shows you a lovely selection of these items.

Today's post will be about a haul, that I recently received from Dresslily and that contains an item from the aforementioned wish list. But first of all, I'd like to mention the shipping time, which was just unbelievable. The package came from China to Europe in less than a week, which is an absolute thumbs up.

However, this cute rug is small, about 40x120cm, - which is exactly stated on the article's homepage -, it is perfect next to the bed or sofa. Its surface is nice soft, the underside is antiskid and the pattern looks amazing. I am already thinking about ordering this floor mat in a different style.
(Find it here.)
This projection lamp is just dreamy, and I am already in love with it. When the cover is on, it is a nice lamp and without it, it becomes a starry projector. You can select the colours and also choose a rotation mode. It not only works with battery, you can also connect it to your laptop with an USB cable. My room was covered with stars, I just love it and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone.
(Find it here.)
It wasn't planned but I ended up with a white bundle of clothes. This shirt is different than the ones, I have seen before. It has two layers and the bottom one is lace like the sleeves. 
(Find it here.)
The midi skirt has a nice floral motive, but I still have to figure out, how to wear it to look the best.
(Find it here.)
Last but not least, a romper that has a very unique cut and the sleeves are amazing.
(Find it here.)
All items were true to size and the only drawback that the romper is see through at the bottom, so seems to be best on the beach.
(You can check out Dresslily's promotional shipping method here.)

What did you think of this post? Do you have any of these items? And which is your favourite? Please feel free to let me know in he comment section below.

Lots of love,