Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Galaxy print

✯ Hello shiny stars! ✯ 

If you take a look at my background or at the frame of my pictures, I think it will not surprise you, that I like galaxy prints.
But you probably don't know that every time when I am visiting a new online store, I type "galaxy" as keyword. Most of the time I don't get any result, but this time I had luck.  I know, most of the items are for boys, but hey, boyfriend clothes are in.  :)

I found several T-shirts, bags, caps, accessories, which I edited to a collage. Hopefully you will like them too.
And don't worry if you do  not like this pattern, I collected also my favourite items from the DefShop-site.

Which do you like the most? Which is your favourite?

Have a wonderful week!
 Lots of love,


✯ Hallo shiny stars! ✯
Wenn du einen Blick auf meinen Hintergrund wirfst oder aber auch an den Rahmen meinen Bilder, ich denke, es wird dich nicht überraschen, dass ich das Galaxie-motiv mag.
Immer wenn ich ein online Geschäft besuche, tippe ich "galaxy" ein und warte auf das Ergebnis, aber die meiste Zeit kommt kein Treffer aus. Diesmal hatte ich Erfolg. Obwohl die Meiste für Männer sind, ich denke, die Kleider sind heutzutage sehr unisex, und übrigens auch: Boyfriend-clothes sind in.  :)

Ich habe verschiedene T-shirts, Taschen, Kappen, Accessories gefunden, die vielleicht auch dir gefallen. 
Aber keine Sorge, wenn du dieses Print nicht gerne hast, ich habe auch meine Lieblinge von der Seite DefShop zusammengestellt.

Welche ist dein Favorit? Welche hat dir am meisten gefallen?

Hab' eine wunderschöne Woche!
Alles Liebe,

1. Tubelaces Bracelet - Galaxy
2. Monkey Business Galaxy T-Shirt
3. Vans Galaxy Sneakers
4. Sprayground Galaxy Backpack
5. Sprayground Galaxy Storm Backpack
6. Dangerous Fly High Tank Top Galaxy Print
7. Masterdis Belt
8. Dangerous DNGRS Galaxy Fly High Cap

1. Only Knit Sweater
2. Pieces Harriet Scarf
3. British Knights Sneakers
4. Urban Classics College Jacket
5. Nike Gymsack
6. Vans Floral Sneakers
7. Madonna Fashion Is All I Know Top
8. New Era Mickey Mouse Beanie
9. Broadway T-Shirt
10. Jumex Dots Sneaker
11. Madonna Tiger T-Shirt

Friday, 17 October 2014

The Fast and The Fashionable

✯ Hello shiny stars! ✯

I know it took me long to get ready with my 2. "London Fashion Week"-post, but it is finally here and I hope, you'll enjoy it.  :)

The second event that I visited was  "The Fast and The Fashionable" at Press Club (12th of September 2014).

  At the event there were attended more designers: for clothes, bags, scarfs, socks and shoes.
There was a stage with catwalks (my first experience) and lots of people.

It was a pleasure to meet the very talented designer Kwame Koranteng,
who presented a great collection at that night. I loved his details on the clothes (pictured above right).

I made a collage about this fashion event, hope you like it.  :)

 Check out my first LFW-post here.

Lots of love,