Saturday, 13 July 2019

Kindness challenge for a happier You and a happier World – 40 acts of kindness & happiness

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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." (Aesop)

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Being kind does not cost you anything and takes no time, but it can mean a lot to someone on the receiving end.

Today, my blog turned 7 years old and to celebrate it, there is a special post today.

It is pretty easy to lose your positivity, your brightness in this fast-moving world. Everything and everyone is online, we receive so many information that we hardly know how to deal with all of them. We know almost "everything", including information, we didn't want to know about. We see crimes and violence happening not only in our own country, but also on the other side of the world. We see false realities and we experience stress, making it harder to stay focused and look to the bright side of life. Everyone struggles from time to time and needs some motivation and inspiration every now and then. But I do believe that if you make a small difference yourself, then we can make a big difference together. This inspired me to create this challenge of kindness & happiness

Some of the actions in the list can be performed anywhere and anytime, while others either require scheduling or depend on a situation. There are a few that cost you a bit of money, but I always added an alternative that cost you less or nothing at all but still makes the world a better place.

You don't need to do anything big, it is about small actions and gestures that make you feel better too. You probably already do little acts of kindness on a regular basis, but you know, that kindness never becomes enough and you never know, how much it could mean to somebody, you could make someone's entire day.

Since it is easy to forget about oneself when we think about kindness, some of the points on the list are kind acts for your own happiness.

I challenge you to perform as many kind deeds as you can using the checklist below. Cross of each one as you do them and after you've made your list, post a picture with the #HappierYouHappierWorld hashtag on Twitter.

There is no time frame, no deadlines, you can do it at your own pace, just have fun, be happy and spread kindness.

Download your own checklist here.  :)

Wishing you a wonderful day,

Friday, 5 July 2019

He was a Skater Boy..

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"Skateboarding is a poetry of motion." (Stevie Williams) 

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Skateboarding is a popular activity and most people love the cool tricks. Over the years, it even developed a lifestyle that is closely related to this activity.
The first official skateboard was released exactly 60 years ago, in 1959, and skateboarding has gone through a huge evolution in the last few decades. Its source is surfing, which is why skateboarders were often referred to as “asphalt surfers” at the beginning.
At first this activity became popular in the United States and with its popularity some American clothing brands specialised in skateboarding. One of the most famous skateboard shoe brand, called Vans, was founded in 1966, for example, and has since been supporting skateboarders from around the world.
In the mid-1970s skateboarding reached Germany and thus Europe. Skateboards have developed in shape and wheels to enable a smoother, faster and more comfortable ride and the popularity of skateboarding continues to grow.

Skateboarding is not just a hobby anymore, it has also become a professional sport and a job for many people. It will even be represented at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.
But skateboarding is not only for riding and performing tricks, it is also a method of transportation.
An electric skateboard makes skateboarding easier and faster and it can be very helpful in a city besides other electrical things like a roller.

Source: StrailBoard

StrailBoard is a China based manufacturer and supplier of electric skateboards which are personal intelligent transporter. These skateboards come with a power battery and speed is controlled by a remote control.
The models shown above are guaranteed for 12 months. The company supports worldwide shipping as well as replacement, so you can easily buy all DIY electric skateboard kit accessories. They currently offer 4 boards for the price of 299-399,90 USD. The boards are waterproof and shockproof, with up to 30 km of battery life. The top speed is between 20 and 38 km/h and after the power outage these skateboards can still be used as ordinary longboards.

As mentioned earlier, Vans is one of the most famous and popular skateboard brands. They currently offer a Pro Skate range that provides the ultimate high-performance skate apparel for men and women. See some of my favourites from the collection below.

Source: Vans

Can you ride a skateboard yourself? Would you have an electric one? And how do you like the clothes that are associated with this lifestyle? Do you own any of the pieces shown above?
As always, please feel free to leave a comment below.  :)

Lots of love,