Saturday, 23 November 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas under 10 Dollars and „Blogger Christmas 2013”

✯ Hello shiny stars! ✯

Time goes by so fast. It’s unbelievable that next week is already December and the first Sunday of Advent. That means, there are just 31 days left until Christmas and it’s time for Christmas shopping! I know, many of you have already finished their gift shopping, but we haven’t started it yet and will leave it to the last minute… as always.  :)  What’s up with you?

We thought, we help you a little, so we made a collage about some gift ideas for Christmas. All items are under 10 Dollars and you can find all the links under the picture. We hope, you like it. Anyway, I really enjoyed putting this gift guide together and we would be happy to receive anything off here but our favourite have to be the Gold and Silver Acrylic Chain Bracelets, we love them.  :)
If you want to order something online please take attention, that the shipping takes time, especially at Christmas (by international shipping 3-4 weeks).


Well, our title was >Christmas Gift Ideas under 10 Dollars and „Blogger Christmas 2013”<.
What the first part means, you know already. But what about the second part?
Maybe we are old-fashioned, but we really like to receive letters and postcards. Guess, what is much better. Of course, to get a packet with a present – exactly for you.
We had the idea to have a „Blogger Christmas 2013” together. It is meant to be a collaboration with you. We hope, some of you will be interested and take part in it. First we want to invite European Bloggers, but everyone can register. If we have the opportunity, we mean, there are for example 2 or more Bloggers from the US, we choose you a partner from there, so you can take part too, but there is no guarantee. By bloggers from Europe there is no problem.

How it works? 

* Fill in the Google form.
* Read the email, which you get from us on 2nd December.
* Take a look at the informations, find out what she/he likes. Get ready for the next step. 
* Buy or make (or both) a gift for her/him. It should be within the 10 Dollars budget. If you have something, that cost more, you can send it of course, but you must except, that your gift will be probable under 10 Dollars.
* Post it before 9th December to beat the Christmas rush.
* In return you will receive a gift chosen especially for you from another Blogger.

If you would like to join in, just fill in this Google form before 1st December and you will receive your partner the next day (2nd December) giving you a week to get shopping.

Once you have registred it would be awesome if you would retweet this.
We will using the hashtag #pandpstylebloggerchristmas to keep up the conversation.

„Blogger Christmas 2013” is open for registration. :)

 Blogger Christmas 2013 hosted by P&P style
NOTE: It depends not on us, what you will receive and we are not responsible for damage by the postal service.

P&P style


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