Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Make every day Earth Day

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"I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do."
(Jana Stanfield)

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Earth Day has been celebrated annually on 22 April since 1970, but here on the blog I want to extend it into a long green weekend this time.
In this post, and from tomorrow on my Twitter, I'm sharing with you some useful green tips to encourage you to get involved in helping the environment, because every little step counts.


Day 1: Save some energy 💚

🌍 Let natural light into your room whenever possible, and turn off the lights when you leave the room.
🌍 Also make sure to unplug your mobile phone, laptop and other devices when they are fully charged.

Day 2: Reduce waste 💚

🌍 Try to reduce your food waste, don't buy more than you will eat.
🌍 Use reusable cups and bottles for your drinks, avoid using plastic utensils.
🌍 Buy fruit and vegetables without packaging if possible and if you bought it in a plastic bag, reuse it, for example as a bin liner.
🌍 Use old jars to store food in the fridge or to make your own jams and pickles.
🌍 Use your plastic grocery bags for as long as they last before buying a new and preferably more eco-friendly bag.
🌍 Collect your rubbish selectively and make sure you put it in the right bin.
🌍 Also be moderate in the use of paper towels in the kitchen or toilet. 

🌍 In the office and also at home, print only when necessary and make it a habit to print on both sides. If you have printed on one side, use the back of old documents for notes and drafts. 
🌍 Use paper clips instead of staples, they can be reused. 

🌍 According to a study by the University of Southern Denmark, 3 million face masks are thrown away every minute. Most of these are disposable masks made of plastic microfibres, which, among other things, pollute water but can also harm wildlife. 
As these items are neither selectively collected nor recycled, replace disposable masks with reusable ones, such as cotton, whenever possible.

Day 3: Add greenery to your space 💚

🌍 Did you know that plants not only provide oxygen and purify the air by removing toxins, but also have many positive effects on your well-being?
🌍 They are said to help people feel calmer and more relaxed, reducing stress and anxiety. They can also help increase productivity, improve mood and boost creativity.
So if you don't have a houseplant yet, you should definitely invest in one for your desk.

Day 4: It's time for DIY 💚

🌍 Upcycling means creative reuse, turning something into something new by giving it a new purpose, limited only by your imagination.
For example, turn your stored jars into containers to keep pasta or rice in, reuse them as vases or organise your office supplies in them. All you have to do is remove the labels and you can just use them plain or paint them, decorate them with yarn and so on.
🌍 You can upcycle almost anything, for example in a post from a few years ago we turned an old T-shirt into a cut out tank top perfect for summer. (You can find it if you click on the link.)


I hope you could find some ideas here that might inspire you to live an even more environmentally conscious life. 

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If you have any tips or good habits to share, feel free to leave a comment here or get involved on Twitter. I'm happy to read those.

 I wish you a wonderful rest of the week. 😊

Lots of love,