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Shining engagement rings from Jeulia

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"Our journey isn't perfect, but it's ours, and I will stick with it until the end."

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According to some statistics, about 40 percent of all engagements take place between November and February and I think, December is probably one of the most popular months to get engaged. The upcoming Christmas and New Year's Day offer a good opportunity that many men use.

Jeulia, headquartered in Hong Kong, offers a wide selection of jewellery. Among others, you can find rings, necklaces, bracelets and charms on their website and you can also create your own jewellery. All of their products have a one-year warranty from the day the original order is received. In addition, they offer one free resizing of your rings up to 2 sizes. You are however responsible for all associated shipping costs.

An engagement ring represents a formal agreement to a future marriage and the history of these rings goes back to antiquity. The ring is traditionally worn on the fourth finger (ring finger). Depending on the country, it can be the left or the right hand.
In the early days, rings were made of steel or metal, but they were replaced over time. Gold and platinum have been preferred, but also titanium, silver and stainless steel are used. Many rings have gems such as sapphire or ruby, which are among the most popular gemstones for engagement rings after the diamond.

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Jeulia offers many inexpensive engagement rings as they also use gems called Jeulia Stones. These are an excellent alternative to natural gemstones because they are more scratch resistant. These stones come in different colours. Among others diamond white for white sapphire engagement rings, fancy pink or sapphire blue.
Each model below represents one of these colourful stones. 

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There are many different traditions, this article contains rather engagement rings for women, but sometimes men wear one too. 
What do you think about these rings? Which one is your favourite? Are you yourself engaged or married? If so, I would love to hear your engagement stories.  :)

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