Monday, 18 April 2016

Let's make a difference together - Save the Bees

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If you are following me on Twitter, you might have seen my retweet from Burt’s Bees. They are running a campaign where every retweet or B-less tweet means 1000 seeds, 1000 wildflowers that are plant in your honor. If you haven’t taken part yet, please visit them and tweet or retweet. Their goal is to plant 1 billion wildflowers to #BringBackTheBees and the campaign is open up to 1.000.000 entries or until 6/30/2016.

Shortly I visited a blogger event where amongst others I met a lovely lady from Just Bee Drinks. I had the opportunity to taste their delicious drinks and I received a little goodie bag with a bee chocolate and some seeds in a cute envelope. If you live in the UK and you fill out the form on their website you can receive some wildflower seeds from them too and all these for free.

After these two companies I started to think about the bees. Is their situation really that bad? I typed „save the bees” in Google and numerous websites were the result. I was surprised, it is really that bad and somehow I didn’t realise it before. Maybe because I come from a little town where there are wildflowers in our yard and our cherry tree is full of buzzing in the spring.

But it’s true, there are less bees and without bees we are less too. If they disappear, about one-third of our food will disappear too. Our bees are dying out and reasons for this are the loss of their natural habitat and of course the chemicals used in the intensive agriculture.

You might ask, what you can do to save the bees. One of the easiest ways to help is to choose to grow flowers and plants in your garden that bees love. As I mentioned it before, you can ask for free seeds on the site of Just Bee Drinks or with just one click on the page of Burt’s Bees, you contribute that they plant more flowers. You also have the opportunity to make a donation, there are several charities whose aim is to save these little creatures.

Let’s get involved. Share with your friends.

I believe that if you make a little difference then together we can make a big difference.

Lots of love,