Sunday, 23 February 2020

Bag parade

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"Elegance is the only beauty that never fades."

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With shoes, bags and other accessories you can change any outfit. The same dress can be worn with high heels, simple jewellery and a clutch, perfect for a night out, but also with sneakers and a small backpack for a trip. By choosing the right accessories you can create different looks from the same outfit. But have you ever thought about how many types of bags you can tell the difference? Backpack, briefcase, clutch, cross-body bag, envelope bag, tote bag or wristlet are just a few of them. But do you know the difference between the terms, or is it just one bag in different sizes?

Backpack is, I think relatively obvious what it is. Of course it is a bag that is carried over the shoulders with the help of two straps. Traditionally, they are quite big, primarily for students and travellers, but they are also available in smaller sizes for everyday use. Tote bags are very common among women. They are large rectangular bags, with or without closure. Cross-body bags are also very popular. They are, as the name suggests, carried with a strap that is looped over one shoulder and crosses the body diagonally. The briefcase is a hard, rectangular, box-shaped bag with a small handle and last but not least a clutch is a small, hand-held evening bag with or without a strap. 

The above pieces have been selected from the website of Baginning, where you can buy different types of bags in a variety of colours. Handbags, such as satchels and clutch, or shoulder bags, backpacks, but also wallets. You can also find waist bags and genuine leather handbags in their webshop.

Check out the genuine leather handbags here...

... the waist bags here...
... and the satchel bags here.

Do you have many or only a few bags? Which type is your favourite? Are you open to choose the colours or more for black? As always, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Monday, 10 February 2020

Nail polishes

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"Keep calm and paint your nails."

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As I mentioned in my „Nail art” post, nail polish originates from the early times, 3000 before Christ, from China. The original ingredients included beeswax, egg whites, gelatine and vegetable dyes, which then changed over time and the mixture underwent a major transformation. The first nail polish that we can call modern was invented inspired by automobile paints, and a colourless version was introduced in 1916.
Today, several companies offer nail polishes, but some of the most popular nail polish brands are not cruelty-free. This is mainly because they choose to sell their products in China, where animal testing is required by law for all imported cosmetics. Since these brands do not want to lose such a large market, they are part of animal testing in this country and we can only call a nail polish cruelty-free if it is not tested on animals, anywhere in the world.

Rimmel London is one of those brands that is not completely cruelty-free at the moment. They do not test their products on animals and have committed themselves to ending animal testing throughout industry, but they import into countries where governments require finished products to be tested on animals. On the good point, they are involved in the dialogue with the Chinese authorities to find alternatives to animal testing. But however they are committed, we still cannot consider the brand to be cruelty-free.

On the other hand, Barry M and Zoya are vegan and cruelty-free, and Nails Inc has created its Nail Pure collection in a way that it is „10 free”. It is free from parabens and chemicals, cruelty-free and vegan.
Cruelty-free means that the brand does not test neither its finished products nor its ingredients on animals, and that they do not sell their products in countries where animal testing is required by law.

Do you know about your favourite nail polishes, whether they are cruelty-free? Is it important for you to choose a product accordingly? In your opinion, is it acceptable from a brand not to test their products on animals but to export to a country that does? I look forward to reading your comments.

Lots of love,

Monday, 27 January 2020

Die Geschichte der Abendkleider

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"Eleganz ist, wenn das Innere so schön ist wie das Äussere." (Coco Chanel)

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Abendkleidung wird, wie der Name schon sagt, abends zu festlichen Anlässen getragen. Für die meisten Veranstaltungen ist ein kurzes Cocktailkleid oder ein eleganter Hosenanzug möglich, aber es gibt auch Anlässe, bei denen ein Abendkleid gewünscht ist. Es handelt sich um ein besonderes, meist langes Kleid, das in verschiedenen Modellen erhältlich ist, die sich z.B. in Schnitt und Farbwahl unterscheiden. Sowohl diese Besonderheiten als auch die Art und Größe des Schmucks sollten dem Anlass entsprechend gewählt werden.

Dieses elegante Kleidungsstück hat eine lange Vergangenheit und die Geschichte der Abendkleider blickt auf die gute alte Zeit zurück. Die Menschen haben einen besonderen Anlass immer mit einem besonderen Outfit geehrt. Vor den Kleidern galt die Gesichts- und Körperbemalung als die festliche Garderobe.
Die Abendkleidung für Frauen hat ihren Ursprung im 15. Jahrhundert. Sie war für den Adel bestimmt und wurde als Zeichen für den sozialen Rang und Status verwendet.
Aufwendige Abendessen, Tänze und Theateraufführungen ermöglichten es den Damen, ihre Pracht zu präsentieren.
Im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert waren es Bälle, zu denen eine festliche Kleidung angebracht war. Später fanden andere gesellschaftliche Anlässe statt, die eine ähnliche Kleidung erforderten.
Ab dem späten 18. Jahrhundert waren Bälle und offizielle Tänze, die zuvor bei Hofe oder in den Palästen und Salons des Adels stattfanden, kein Privileg mehr für Adelige und Aristokraten.

Während dieser Zeit nahm die Abendgarderobe ihr Profil von den aktuellen Stilen des Tages an. Heute sind Kleider für festliche Anlässe jedoch nicht mehr von trendiger Alltagsmode abhängig.

Heutzutage gibt es das Abendkleid in verschiedenen Silhouetten und Längen. Sie werden meistens bei offiziellen Abendessen, Opern- und Theaterpremieren, offiziellen Tänzen, abendlichen Hochzeitsempfängen, Wohltätigkeitsbällen und Preisverleihungen getragen.
Die gewöhnlichen Theater-, Konzert- oder Opernabende sind jedoch nicht mehr bei jedem Besucher mit der Abendgarderobe verbunden.

Ever-Pretty bietet hübsche Kleider für unvergessliche Momente und Veranstaltungen. Es gibt für jeden Anlass das passende Kleid. Die werden in verschiedenen Stilen, Farben und Silhouetten angeboten.

Lange Abendkleider geben eine göttliche Erscheinung. Ich habe einige meiner Lieblinge auf dem Bild oben gesammelt.

Was hältst du von ihnen und welches ist dein Lieblingsmodell? Wann hast du das letzte Mal ein Abendkleid getragen?
Wie immer sind Kommentare jederzeit willkommen.  :)

Viele Grüsse,



Evening wear, as the name suggests, is worn in the evening for festive occasions.
It is a special, usually long dress, which is available in different models, which differ, for example, in cut and colour. These special features as well as the type and size of the jewellery should be chosen according to the occasion.

The evening dress has a long history. People have always honoured a special occasion with a special outfit. Before dresses, face- and body painting was considered as the festive wardrobe.
The evening dress for women has its origin in the 15th century. It was intended for the nobility and was used as a sign of social rank and status.
From the late 18th century, balls and official dances, which had previously been held at court or in the palaces and salons of the nobility, were no longer a privilege for nobles and aristocrats.
Nowadays the evening dress comes in different silhouettes and lengths. They are usually worn at official dinners, opera and theatre premieres, official dances, evening wedding receptions, charity balls and award ceremonies.
However, the usual theatre, concert or opera evenings are no longer associated with evening dress for every visitor.

What do you think of the dresses above and which is your favourite model? When was the last time you wore an evening gown?
As always, comments are welcome.  :)

Lots of love,

Thursday, 2 January 2020

Nail art

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"Nail art is a way of adding beautiful colours to your life."

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Nail art is a form of artwork, a creative way to paint, decorate, embellish and even enhance the nails on both fingers and toes.

The decoration of nails looks back on a long history and the exact origin of nail treatments is unclear, but the decoration of fingernails has been around since the time before Christ.
In ancient Egypt, women dyed their nails with henna, which indicated their social status. The women of the lower class wore pastel, pale and neutral tones, while the upper class wore deep, bright tones.
In Babylonia, men coloured their nails with black and green kohl, which again indicated a difference in status. Black was for the nobility and green for the common man.
Around the same time, 3000 before Christ, the first nail polish was created in ancient China.
The above examples mainly reflected differences in status, but the Incas (15-16th century) decorated their nails by painting eagles on them, which can be seen as nail design. It is said that modern nail art has its roots in the nineteenth century Europe.
Today nail art and nail care is a booming industry. With different tools such as brushes and using different techniques, a variety of designs can be achieved. as a wholesaler offers a wide range of products related to the nail. The products range from nail polishes to artificial nails and nail brushes. In the picture below I have collected some stylesnails brushes from different brands. The tools are available in different shapes and have been created in simple to eye-catching designs. 

The painting pens in the lower right corner are equipped with a cleanable and reusable sponge head and are made in several colours. They are manufactured by the brand Monja. Please note the different packaging contents when purchasing. Either 1 sponge pen with 4 spare sponge heads is included, or only the pen or only the sponge heads. Shop it here.

Do you like to paint your nails? Are you a fan of nail art? Which is your favourite nail polish shade?

Lots of love,

Monday, 30 December 2019


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"Boys have swagger. Men have style. Gentlemen have character."

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I hope you had a great holiday season and are ready for 2020.

In this post I show you some gifts for the New Year for men. All products are from NewChic, which was founded in 2015. The online shop offers a wide range of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories - for both men and women. They also feature dozens of independent brands.
If you are looking for male clothing, you can find some inspiration below.
A beret cap is usually associated with countries like France and Spain. They are soft, round hats with flat crowns, worn by both men and women.
A henley shirt is a collarless polo shirt, with short or long sleeves, characterized by a placket under the round neckline and usually with 2-5 buttons.
Harem pants are baggy, long trousers caught at the ankle. They are inspired by Middle Eastern styles and Turkish trousers.
There are also some fashion jeans, some shown in the picture, but also men's satin pajamas on their website.

What do you think of the items I selected? Do you find it easy to buy menswear online? As always, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Lots of love,

Friday, 29 November 2019

Let's get together

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"Don't ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion."

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I have already introduced you to an online platform, Paperless Post, where you can send invitations for coins and flyers for free. To find out more about the processes, prices and ways to personalize your products, please visit my previous article here: Online invitations

Online flyers are free, can be personalised and offer a great way to track your events for the upcoming holidays, as 50 free email invitations are included and you can share the link.
The flyers are available in different categories, such as baby shower, birthday, holidays, meetings, but also professional occasions.
As an additional feature, you can send your flyer by email via Paperless Post to collect RSVP's and track the openings and bounces, as well as contact your guests directly after participation. 

Have you ever sent or received such an invitation? What has been your experience or what do you think about this opportunity? As always, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Lots of love,

Wednesday, 20 November 2019


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"Ein Geschenk ist genauso viel wert wie die Liebe, mit der es ausgesucht worden ist."
(Thyde Monnier)

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Da Weihnachten bald vor der Tür steht, ist es an der Zeit, darüber nachzudenken, die Online-Einkäufe fertigzustellen – besonders wenn dies auch andere Länder betrifft. Wenn man dennoch etwas online vom Ausland kaufen möchte, sollte es in den nächsten Tagen erledigt werden, damit die Geschenke rechtzeitig ankommen. Die sogenannten #BlackFriday Angebote sind nicht mehr auf einen einzigen Tag begrenzt. Viele Geschäfte und Websites bieten solche Aktionen den ganzen November über an, manchmal sogar im Dezember.

In diesem Beitrag habe ich einige Ideen gesammelt, die vor allem für Familien mit kleinen Kindern nützlich sein können.

Ich biete Rabattkodes für all diese Produkte an, so dass Du sie jetzt günstiger angreifen kannst. Alle Kodes sind gültig von 11/20/20199:00 AMCET bis 11/23/201911:59 PMCET.

Lätzchen zum Bemalen von Lictin. 10 Stücke im Set mit Filzstiften und Schablonen. Die Lätzchen (28x22 cm) haben einen zweischichtigen Entwurf. Die Rückseite besteht aus einer wasserdichten Schicht, und die Oberfläche kann zum Bemalen verwendet werden. Der Hersteller bestätigt, dass die Malereien lange Zeit erhalten geblieben sind, aber gleichzeitig lassen sich die Lätzchen leicht von Flecken reinigen.
Deal price: 13.99€

Lätzchen mit Ärmeln von Lictin. Ein Set von 6 wasserdichte Lätzchen. Es schützt die Kleidung und da die Grösse geändert werden kann, kann es für Babys von 6 bis 36 Monaten geeignet sein.
Deal price: 11.99€

Kinderschminke-Set von Lictin. Die Palette beinhaltet 23 Farben, Schablonen und Vorlagen und enthält laut Hersteller keine schädlichen Chemikalien. Die Farben können einfach mit einem feuchten Tuch oder Seifenwasser abgewischt werden.
Deal price: 11.89€

Weltkarte zum Rubbeln von Anpro. Es hat eine Grösse von 82.5x59.5 cm und man kann die besuchten Orte leicht bemerken, indem man sie abreibt.
Deal price: 11.69€

Wiederverwendbare Wasser Zeichnungs- und Malmatte mit Wasserzeichenbuch, Stiften und Stempelformen von Anpro. Es kommt in der Grösse von 120x90 cm und ist ideal für Kinder, um die Kreativität zu verbessern. Es ist leicht zu tragen und zu reinigen, da die Unterlage kompakt zusammengeklappt werden kann und das Muster wird sozusagen mit Wasser gemacht, und verschwindet daher automatisch innerhalb von 3-5 Minuten.
Deal price: 17.84€

Metallkazoo von Anpro. Dieses Instrument erzeugt ein summendes Geräusch, wenn der Spieler in die Pfeife singt oder summt. Man sagt, dass sie ein guter Begleiter beispielweise für Gitarren oder Klavier sind.
Deal price: 6.79€

Was denkst du über die oben genannten Artikel? Gerne hinterlass einen Kommentar darunter.  :)

Viele Grüsse, 


ENGLISH: What do you think of the above pieces? Please feel free to leave a comment below.  :)
Lots of love,