Sunday, 24 January 2021

Cosy hoodies and more

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"Baby it’s cold outside."

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Like many others, I’ve been working mostly in home office since last spring and I have to admit that since it’s gotten colder, my office outfit has changed a lot. I now prefer some cosy, fluffy house suits because they are not only comfortable to wear but they also keep me warm.
Is a teddy hoodie and fluffy pants also something that you like? Do you have any in your wardrobe?
I bought one in December with my Mom in a local shop and I just love it. 

On the website of NewChic, you will not only find fluffy pullovers but also blanket hoodies. I haven’t heard of these before, but they look cosy too.
I have included some of my favourite designs in the picture above. Mostly they are in regular sizes, but if you need a bigger size, for example an xxxxl hoodie, it can also be easily found on the website. 

If you visit their homepage, you will also find some menswear there. The second image has been put together to show some favourites like cargo shirts. Colourful designs can be found as well as plain ones, so if you like the more eye-catching ones that aren't in the picture, that's no problem either, browse around a bit and you are sure to find something more to your taste.

Henley shirt men’s version is also available from them. The difference with button-down shirts is that they only have a few buttons. Do you or your partner like to wear shirts like these? 

In addition to the product categories mentioned in this article, the website also offers shoes, bags, accessories as well as various categories such as "mens long cardigan" and of course much more.

Have you ever bought anything from this online shop? What was your experience
As always, feel free to leave a comment below.  :)

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  1. Everything looks so cute and comfortable! I love sweaters like that!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  2. I like this web online, they have beautiful things

  3. Great selection dear!

  4. I love hoodies, they are one of my facourite clothing when at home or when doing activity. I also know this brand, they have some very interesting ptoducts and good prices.

  5. Hoodies at home are the best right now since it's so cold!


  6. Favorite clothing to wear around the house to be comfy and warm, hoodies!

  7. I love a good cozy hoody in the winter. I'll pair them with leggings for the ultimate in comfort!

  8. Sometimes online shopping is a lottery. Each manufacturer has its own size standard.

  9. Wszystko ładnie się prezentuje :)

  10. die Hoodies sehen toll, gefallen mir sehr! :) ❤

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love hoodies, haven't heard about this store so far.