Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Colour psychology with evening dresses

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  "Every woman should own a long evening dress to make her dream. (Catherine Malandrino)" 

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Long evening dresses have their own beauty and they always look gorgeous. They can be worn mainly at special occasions like a wedding. There are different syles and silhouettes so you can find the one that you feel great in. Try to choose a dress that suits not just your sense of style but also your figure and you will shine.
The colour of the dress is very important. Black, white and nude are always a good choice but there are other  shades which remain classic by evening dresses. Just think of the colours blue, red or burgundy.
To choose the right dress, you need to take account of your eye, hair and skin colour. The dress that looks great on a blonde, whose skin is snow-white doesn’t necessarily suit a brown-haired, suntanned-skinned girl.
However there is surely one colour that you like to wear and you know that it suits you every time you are wearing it. Maybe that will be the right shade for you when you are looking for the perfect evening dress.

Did you know that the colours even have a psychology? It is not for dresses but it might be something that you are interested in to read. So let’s have a look at some colours and their meanings.

   Black: power, elegance.
   White: innocence, purity, cleanness.
   Grey: balance, neutrality.
   Red: energy, love, passion, desire.
   Blue: trust, loyalty.
   Purple: wealth, spirituality.
   Green: growth, health.
   Yellow: optimism, warmth, happiness.

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A classic black or white maxi dress is always a good choice but in case you would prefer some more colour, on the picture above I collected some beautiful women dresses for you. I found the clutches browsing in the section of gifts for Thanksgiving Day. I hope you like them too.
Do you like to wear long evening dresses? Which dress is your favourite? What is your favourite colour? Let me know in the comment section below.

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