Friday, 9 September 2016

Time for bed, good night

✯ Hello Shiny Stars! ✯

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  "Wear cute pyjamas... You never know who you will meet in your dreams."

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When it comes to nightwear, people have of course different priorities. There are the ones who sleep in a casual t-shirt and shorts, the ones who prefer wearing pyjamas, the ones who sleep in underwear or even without and don’t forget about those who like to combine all these, pairing for example pyjama pants with a lovely top or a pyjama shirt with an underwear.
On the picture below you can see some great pyjama sets with different prints from The Reach London. I like it that you can even purchase just the pants if you want, so if you prefer wearing them with a shirt like I mentioned it before, you don’t need to buy the whole set. This feature also allows you to make up your own set: trousers and shirt in different sizes or prints.

The Reach London Pyjama Collection is designed and manufactured in London, England and the company is offering worldwide free shipping. Their luxury cotton pyjamas will be produced by a small London factory who supplies brands like Burberry or Victoria Beckham. The pyjamas are machine washable and with an adjustable drawstring waistband the trousers can be worn either on your hips or waist.

In order to put this collection into effect, The Reach London started their Kickstarter Campaign a few days ago and if the campaign will end successful they can start to sell this lovely collection.
Kickstarter provides a platform for funding which helps to bring great projects to life. Every project has a deadline and a funding goal and only if this is reached before the campaign expires, are buckers charged.  So if you like this project and want to help, you can support this collection and pledge some money here. Through this you will become a backer of this campagne and depening on the amount you pledged, you will get a unique reward which is offered by the creator.

What kind of pyjamas do you like to wear? Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comment section below.
Have a great weekend.  :)
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  2. Thank you so much dear!! Yes, me too, I've always liked button down shirts ;) Moreover, this coming season they're also trendy, hehe. Have a happy day! :) Kss

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

  3. Great post! Have a lovely weekend! xx

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  4. Nice selection!

  5. Cute PJ selections! xo, sharon

  6. Cute pjs :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my earlier post :D

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  7. I like wearing night gown because of my boyfriend. But I still like wearing tops and bottoms.

    XOXO Lovingrose_


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  8. Love your selection! My vavorite is the floral print pyjama, to right on the bottom, is very cute!

  9. Wonderful collection! I don't sleep in pajamas, but from this I would not have refused))

  10. Cozy pj's are the best , gorgeous picks.

  11. Great collection!♥ ♥ ♥
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  12. so lovley!

  13. I really like the pjs you chose! :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  14. Lovely! :D

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  16. So cool!

  17. Lovely collection! Great post!

  18. AWESOME post darling! Love this! Thanks for sharing! Happy Wednesday!
    much love, Len

  19. They all look like great options.I get overheated easily so I'm more of an underwear or chemise kind of girl.

  20. They have some great nightwear!

    Raindrops of Sapphire