Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Throwback to the Bloggers Food and Drink Festival

✯ Hello Shiny Stars! ✯

During the past few months I had the opportunity to attend many great events. Some of them were fashion occasions, some of them blogger events, but lately also food- and drink-related events.

With the Bloggers Food & Drink Festival a new era started in my life and from now on also in my blogging practice.
The amazing atmosphere carried me with it, I enjoyed to see the passion in those eyes and I relished to taste new things.
But on the whole it is not just about the delicious pieces, the tasty bites and delectable refreshments. It is about a lifestyle, that your future self will thank you for. I know, that sometimes it can be really hard to find the right snacks and drinks, especially if you have some allergy or food intolerance.
These events are a great opportunity to get to know new brands and to have the chance to try out new foods and new drinks. 
If you can't visit events like these, I hope I can help you a little with my experiences. First comes a throwback to the Bloggers Food & Drink Festival which took place on Monday the 20th of July 2015 in London.

That was the day that I first tasted bubble tea. Thank you for the guys from "Biju" for being so kind and giving us precise instructions about the bubble-tea-manner.
If it comes to drinks, I'm rather a non-sparkling person, therefore I was happy that "Berrywhite" kept everybody in mind. From the plastic bottle I could enjoy a flavoured drink with white tea extract and still water. But if you like it with sparkling spring water, the can is the right choice for you.
If for whatever reason you are not consuming milch products, the dairy-free drinks from "Koko" or "Rebel Kitchen" are a very good alternative for you.

1 PositiviTea / 2 Berrywhite / 3 Rebel Kitchen / 4 Pack'd Smoothie Kits / 5 Biju Bubble Tea / 6 Drink Wahta / 7 Koko Dairy Free / 8 Equinox Kombucha

The snacks were delicious. Different bars, dried fruits, marshmallow, chocolate and chips. My favourites the dried strawberries from "Urban Fruit", simply perfect. And would you believe me if I say that those little balls are spirulina & lemon truffles and they taste great? You should.  ;)

1 Of The Earth Superfoods / 2 Urban Fruit / 3 Cocofina / 4 Mallow and Marsh / 5 Cocoa Hernando / 6 Stoats / 7 Freida's / 8 Darling

The macarons from "L'Orchidée" and the brownie were heavenly too. Like my sister said: The best brownies I have ever had in my life.  :)

1 L'orchidée / 2 Brownie Brownie

My "Made with Love"-collection. Three brands that were just adorable. Lovely family businesses with so much passion. I loved to see it. By the way, not only the people behind the companies are great, their products are amazing too. Granny Mary's luxury potted meats (Fresh Duck with Orange and Fresh Beef with Butter), extra virgin olive oil from Cyprus, Chicken Marinade and Curry Sauces. The little essentials that you definitely need in your kitchen.

1 Granny Mary's / 2 Ooo Company / 3 Mannys Sauces

The "Oloves" were special to me because usually I can eat only 2-3 pieces of olives, but these basil & garlic green ones were something different. They were so good that in a few minutes the little sachet was empty. Just yummy.


I hope, you enjoyed my first food and drink related post.  :)

Have you known any of these brands before? Have you tasted some of the above products? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.  :)

I'm wishing you a wonderful week.  :)

 Lots of love,


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    1. I think the same way. I like to taste new products and if you can do it for free, it's even better. :) Thank you for your comment, Mariana! :) xoxo

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  10. it was such a great event! And those food and drink samples? AMAZING :))

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